Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sweet Sixteen

As I mentioned here, coming to Canada took a couple of months. I can remember being told a departure date and then it would be changed. Once we were closer to that date it would change again. At some point I thought I was never going to leave Mexico. Then one day I was told I would be leaving November 3 and the closer we got to the date I began to realize that this time it was for real. I would be leaving all my friends and family in a couple of days and my adventure would begin.

My mom gave me a little agenda as a going away present. I went to all my friends and favourite teachers and gathered their numbers and addresses so I could call them and send them letters while I was gone. Truth be told, I never called or sent anyone any letters. I do remember saying goodbye to everyone I knew and even saying a few words to my schools. Remember, I was 9 yrs old. The afternoon before I left my entire family gathered together and gave me going away mementos. My grandma and mom both gave me letters telling me how proud they were of me for going away to start a better future and education. They told me they would miss me a lot but they would never forget me. I would always be in their heart. My older cousin, Ariadne, and my little sister drew me a family portrait. It had my entire family is stick people form with their names on top. At the bottom it said "Te amamos" or "We love you." My cousin, Enrique, gave me a card with a drawing of a character from the Knights of the Zodiac, an anime series we used to watch together at our grandparent's house or when I went to sleepover. The rest of my family gave me cards and letters and to this day I still have every single one of them.

My family took me to the airport early morning and we all sat around in the waiting area until I had to go through security to catch my flight. I can remember everyone trying to be happy and not look too sad but eventually it was time to say goodbye and everyone broke down. It was a time filled with tears and lots of them. Everyone single person had their turn at hugging me while telling me how much they would miss me and how they loved me. After all the goodbyes were done my mom handed me to my personal flight attendant who would be escorting me through the entire trip and personally drop me off with my aunt and uncle. I flew first class and had a whole section to myself but I did not enjoy it in the very least. For the first hour or two of the flight from Mexico City to Toronto I cried myself to the point where I had no more tears and slept the rest of the way. In Toronto I had to transfer to another flight that would be taking me to London, Ontario. This entire trip probably takes 6 hours but that day it seemed to last an eternity. I remember getting of the plane and seeing my aunt, uncle and cousin waiting for me through a large window. They waved at me and all I could do was squeeze my teddy bear backpack. Everything was all to real now.

A post of my first few months in Canada to follow.
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