Friday, August 23, 2013

ok, now for part 2 of my comic collection. i know i said an hour later, but things changed.

so now heres part 2

here are 2 comics I DONT LIKE. I keep these no more than to have an example of modern comicing i dont like, painfully photoshopped colors, text-bended sound effects, glossy paper, that sorta stuff. what funny was that i once ended up with 2 of the star wars comic, so i kept one folded in my pocket in case i was bored.

now here are 2 different comics i got from my cousins in canada. on the left is ok, but the one on the right i legitimately hate. I think fred hembeck may be one of the dullest comic material ive ever read. his art is simplistic to the point of being painful, not too easy to understand, and not very funny at all. You thought Rob Liefeld was bad? Fred makes liefeld look like Da Vinchi, Fred is that dull.

The cat comic however on the left was something different. it seemed like one of those older underground adult comics. it was okay, unlike the Hembeck comic.

Fat Freddy's Cat

Fred Hembeck destroys the Marvel Universe.

Also got some teen titan comics from my cousin last year. They were surprisingly similar to the cartoon, including the hive academy, slade, and raven's even red dad with antlers. again, these comics were surprisingly fanservice-y, too.

and now, for 3 misc. humor comics. one of which i got for my birthday, the middle. one day, i like to get a Richie Rich comic so i can compare casper side by side and do that little bit like they did on the simpsons where richie killed himself and became casper, Lol:)

Now, onto the Archie collection

each summer, i buy like 2 archie comics at a time, from the south padre island Marlin Mart. And yet, its painfully dull, mediocre, and basically every TV cliche type character in the book. Oh why the hell do i keep buying these comics every summer?

oh... right..........

3 uncle scrooge comics i bought from a flea market. and i was a good thing i gave this comic guy a second look, too, before it would have been too late forever.

BTW, they're not Carl Barks, but Don Rosa-made comics. They were still pretty good, though. also a little more valuable to me than the other comics.

3 IDW popeye comics. the "Classics" was better amongst the 3, the middle was a cliched story line that was kinda boring, and the 3rd, being the first, was ok. would like to get the first "classics" book collection.

and to end the 1st stack of my comic collection, Watchmen. And to be honest, i did not like this comic, at all. it was too text-heavy for me, boring, and complicated. This actually happened to be my first non-manga graphic novel that my brother wanted to buy me. this was an unpleasant start for me in american comics. My advice would be, if you've spent about your whole highschool years in manga and happen to be interested in reading american comics, dont let watchmen be your first graphic novel, even despite the movie. this book was a downer for me, after years of interesting manga. I didnt even want this comic, but my brother bought it for me. There are others i wish i've read instead of reading watchmen. and now i leave it in the bottom of my comic stack.

And now, for the start of my manga collection!

These were the first mangas i bought during my last year of highschool. the 1st one being monster, which at the time i tried to get into because of the anime that was on the sci-fi channel, but the attempted forceful liking didnt last too long. Also I wanted a manga to study the structure of it when i was making "ito no tetsugakusha", a manga i had on deviant art for a short bit. the one piece manga i bought for a highschool trip to disney world, again, against my will. The bleach i bought so i could have something to read on the plane trip back to america from canada (i dont even like bleach that much, but it was obligated anime fandom and i didnt have trouble force-feeding myself this for almost 200 episodes) and bakuman, after seeing the first chapter in my first personally purchased issues of shonen jump, one of the last years before america took it out of print forever, now theres shonen jump alpha. i wanted to make manga-ish comics at that time, so this was kinda inspirational.

2 classic mangas bought in the same summer, Lupin III and Knights of the Zodiac! the star wars of mexico, lol. you know, there was a time period that i was going to buy manga from the internet, regardless of the free online version. most of that eventually came true. despite these 2 being out of print, i bought them used anyways from amazon. i wasnt planning too much on buying KotZ anymore, but then the thought started biting me, so then i had to buy it. LIII is actually not available online, like other online mangas, so heres a little something of what little you'll see online, of the swell MAD influenced art by monkey punch

very messy art, though.

KotZ wasnt that good, but it was to my half-mexican heritage that i seek it out.

Los Caballeros Del Zodiaco!

This is all i'll show for part 2 for now, but stay tuned for a part 3 tomorrow! (hopefully, lol).
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