Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sup. Since I happen to be alone at my old home this weekend, I decided I want to upload some more pictures from my sketch book. I picked out like the top 10 ones from the sketchbook. Most of them happen to copy an art style of some of my favorite artist.

Just so you guys know, I don't intend to upload any pictures of the Bigger sketch book used for class drawing sessions. because1.) most of them are just rough sketches from trying to copy life objects.2.) too big to scan in a scanner.3.) the best ones are left at the art building. There was a class assignment to bring our 10 best drawings to show to class, and then she wanted to keep them. she told us we could come back and bring them with us some other day, but i never felt like coming back, so...yeah.

these aren't all the drawings, the others happens to be rough sketches, or just felt incomplete.

The first of them scanned, happens to be a series of images from Bones Book 1. I actually drew this during the holidays on the cruise trip, like a day or 2 after i got the notebook for christmas.What I did here was drew a picture of Jiminy Cricket, One of my favorite films that I've watched since this year began. What I find a little amazing at the time i drew this was the idea of how complex the details and movements were for each character FRAME-BY-FRAME. You could just as well pick any scene from these sort of movies and you'd have something to practice drawing.

The next drawing i'm uploading is a rough picture of a girl dancing. Its a rather rough drawing though. this was actually copied from an image from a manga called "swan" a ballet manga. At some point I've learned about classic shoujo manga prior to the 90's and 2000's. I am not gonna lie, I have never seen manga or comics more beautifully drawn than these. One of these days, I think I should do a full on rant on how i've hate shoujo manga and how I though I would hate them all before I knew 60's, 70's, and 80's manga, and the painful mediocrityin modern shoujo (girl's) manga. next up...A picture of the celtic guardian from the yugioh manga. I actually really love the manga's art style, but i dont feel i quite got to where i wanted. And here are a couple of background drawings. from 2 completely sources. the top is from the little mermaidand the bottom happens to be from the dnangel anime. dnangel is pretty much technically shoujo anime i've started watching, mainly to study the style for konran tenshi. this is actually one of the best background drawings i have in my sketch book.drawings from images from the asterix comic. I personally want to learn to draw in this classic cartoon disney-esque style with such expressive ways like this and try to mix that with manga someday. including how the heads are at different angles.

images drawn from Masami Kuramada's Saint Seiya, knights of the zodiac, the star wars of mexico. i personally love the artist's ways of shading like this. most likely he probably did this with water colors, but less likely charcoal. this is only copied from volume 1. I dont intend to buy another volume again from amazon unless its somewhere like a used book store or a garage sale, or wherever i can get it pretty cheap. A scene from disney's cinderalla that only lasted a fraction of a second. I look for complex scenes in animated movies like these to practice drawing from, and then picking the right scene to draw from, even if it only lasts a fraction of a second. this also goes for other films, especially Pinocchio. The same thing goes for this snow white picture. this came from the mini celebrating scene in the end where snow white is revived by a kiss. i wanted to look for a scene in the film that gives me the challenge of drawing all 7 dwarves in 1 scene.this time, i've drawn a scene from the film sweeney todd, a live action film. i've only downloaded it this year because i wanted to practice drawing from scenes of the film. i've already scene it twice before this year, so im not going to count it on this year's list. i hope to be drawing a few scenes as well from the film titanic.

in conclusion, i've had a few more drawings in the same series such as these, but i didn't think they were good enough to be worth scanning, but these are some of the best ones, for now. the sketch book also included background drawings, but i didn't think there were as good as these up here.this is where the blog ends, until next time. see you then!

ps. just good chain of memories in the mail, for the PS2. i've been too comfortable with my vacation here, so i haven't been doing much for Beethoven bat.
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