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Journal Entry #5: Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas


AIR DATE: 24/06/2009 : END DATE: 20/07/2011 : STATUS: CompletedSaint Seiya is a series written by Masami Kurumada. However the lost canvas - the myth of hades, is a spin off / alternative work written by Shiori Teshirogi.

Saint seiya or commonly known as the knights of the zodiac. Are based around the reincarnation of the goddess Athena and her 88 saints. And her arch nemesis Hades and his 108 spectres, his counter parts to Athena' saints.The saints are broken down by the cloth that they wear and the level of their cosmos (power level). The cloths are: gold, silver and bronze. With gold being the highest and they represent the zodiac signs. With the spectres, they don't really have a hierarchy structure, but they are based on the star that they represent. For example; heavenly star spectre will be a higher rank than earthly star (this based on assumption of course).

The lost canvas - the myth of hades is set in the 18th century and it centres around Tenma and his friends Alone and Sasha. With Tenma being the reincarnation of the bronze saint Pegasus. Not to complicate anything, we have Sasha being the reincarnation of the goddess Athena. And just to make things even worse for Tenma. His best friend and sister of Sasha, Alone being the reincarnation of Hades. Sasha was taken to the sanctuary, to be more precise the saints base. And Tenma being recruited by Libra Dohko in to becoming a saint. This in turn led to Alone being very lonely and very much (no pun intended) alone. These turn of events set him to the path of being Hades.
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