Sunday, September 15, 2013

Narrowing Focus part 2: What am I doing this for?


So let's have a look at these things then now don't we.

The why, as said in the first post, is mostly a monetary and space related issue.Combined with a general 'loss of intrest', which according to My Nemesis is a natural cycle of how my brain works, but this time it is of a different kind.

I've like totally lost any intrest in most of my solo projects, and bar my Saint Seiya collection, barely been looking at the others neither.It is a sequence of things that has actually been leading to this, and those are chronologically roughly this:

* More or less moved in together

* Got a pocket sized resident on top with that

* Quit my job to go back studying, cutting severly in my budget, but this was foreseen

* Watched the full first season of Collection Intervention from SyFy channel

* Needed to find a communal activity woth the girlfriend

* Read this book:

I even lost my maniacal intrest in PS3'ing, preferring to spend time with the communal thingy, and my Magic tournament attendance is hitting rock bottom at the moment.Part of this is that my WMCQ points needed are as good as certain already for the comming year, and that the two most intresting GPs in 2014 come at a very bad timing.

Valentine weekend has Paris, but it is Legacy, a format I don't even want to invest in, and the Utrecht one is together with the GFs birthday.

That combination has drained my motivation to try and attend 2 - 3 events each fortnight, as it has no use to try and bash together a Byes, as I won't attend those anyways.

And the odd things is, I don't even feel bad about it at all...

I even dropped a lead on some figures I don't have in preference of spending it on the GF...

I'm definitly changing in my mindset of a 34 years old bachelor towards a 35 years old serious relationship partner...

Yet, I don't want you to shoot me...

Off all the things from my geekiness, it's really only the Saints that keep catching my intrest, and this for almost 3 decades now.

But this brings us back to the two main points; space and money.

My oddjob hobbies require a LOT of closet space, and truth to be told, my Saints are starting to burst out of their cabinets, so some other things HAVE to go.There is only so much closets and shelves you can fit in a 5 by 3 man cave aka room over at my own place.Taking into account that sooner rather then later, we will be getting married and move to a house, I prefer not to have the need of a huge room to store everything, instead being able to settle in with a small room that can house like two or three cabinets and bookcase.

The other thing is money.As long as I'm studying, I won't be able to spend fortunes on a monthly budget for the collections.This means I am going to need to trade away my stuff in order to get some for my own collection.

And if I can choose between a small cardboard playing card booster box of the newest set, or a fresh Saint for my own collection, that is a deadeye nobrainer choise.I'll get the Saint everytime.

So this means I have now really begun listing all my non Saint stuff (and double japanese cards to fund getting the missing ones) ON THAT WELL KNOWN , with the solemn goal of in the first place trying to fund these Myth cloths, the older and harder to find series now for decent prices.

Bud of Alcor, the 'mystery God Warrior' of the Asgard Series.You don't find him on eBay under the 200 euros.

Athena classic edition, Saori tends to go for around 100 euros

The missing two classic Saints for my Gold Saints series.Aiolios hovers around 60 euros, Aldebaran around 75.I hope to find at least one of them at FACTS next month.

But apart from that, there are some more things I need to complete parts of my collection, and they are expensive.

The most illustrious and hardest to track down is this bottlecap Shaina with Kiki, left front row on this picture.She is actually so rare, that she hasn't popped up on ebay for the past 3 years... so I don't want to know how much she will be going for when she does.

And then there is the illustrious volume 10 of the english manga.For some reason beyond my knowledge (failed print run?Distribution issues back then?) this particular one never goes online under the 200 USD, while all other volumes seem to hover around 15 USD.And guess which one is the only manga I'm missing of all the french and english translated ones...

Finally there are the Promo cards for Knights of the Zodiac, which came with certain toy series and dvd series in the States 12 years ago.LUCKILY I've found a list on the net (in italian, so luckily I can read and understand it more or less) that states which card came with which item.Now it is only a matter of actually finding those items, but meh, it's a start to get the remaining promo cards of that cardseries, as I have only 2 (but am following a lead for a Black Pegasus action figure with the card, in the original packaging still, somewhere in the Genova region in Italy).

I guess that rounds it out a little about the who and why of the changes going through my brainpan, so feel free to click the link in the text above, and sponsor my or our hobbies ;-) *end shameless sales plug*.
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